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In the wake of Covid-19, it has never been more relevant to review how companies and their employees use and interact with property. We can evaluate your business to help reduce occupancy, maintain staff engagement and optimise performance.

Ben Woodcock – Founding Director, BWC Consulting



Workplace consultancy

All aspects of a business should be joined up – finance, sales, property, HR etc. Our approach therefore isn’t limited to just physical space, it takes a wide view across the business to understand future objectives, staff sentiment, technology, policy etc. This is particularly beneficial during times of change and ahead of an office move.

Tender analysis

A key service we provide is to review tender returns. Our approach is not limited to a simple cost review. We evaluate the brief, design, specification, costs and contract terms. After detailed review our process helps identify risk and ambiguity that helps increase cost certainty and obtains better commercial terms and warranties for clients. We also review tender packages before they are issued to ensure they will provide quality responses.

Wellness – occupier

The need to embrace wellness principles is an essential requirement for a modern business and achieves greater efficiency and productivity. Our approach is to balance the needs of employees with the commercial objectives of the business. Solutions can often be simple and cost effective to implement.

Property strategy

Taking a review of how your business uses property allows a strategy to be developed for implementing future change and improving cost and occupational efficiency. The process involves understanding the current business model, day to day operations and looking at the future direction to create a structured strategy for change.


Minimising how your property and construction works impact the environment is important for any conscientious business. We can review your current approach and help achieve improvements through taking a fresh look at policy, measurement and targets . We can assist and advise on introducing circular economy principles, bring in changes to operational activity to increase awareness and reduce environmental impact.

Wellness – freehold

How people use and interact with buildings is continually changing and there is now an increased expectation from them. Buildings need to embrace wellness principles in their core design and their functionality needs to be much greater. The impact of Covid-19 brings a whole added dimension to building design and operation.

In house support

For long term or specialist projects, we are able to provide a level consultancy that is similar to having an in house team. This allows us to work closely with companies in complex tasks or where we need to work across departments. In house support is also useful for clients with multiple sites or repetitive work is performed.

Procurement advice

Projects can start off on a bad foot through poor or rushed procurement. We can review your procurement objectives, processes, help you implement improved changes and achieve better value and reduced risk. This involves evaluating current methods, developing tender documents, ensuring accurate design criteria, setting out contract terms and in some cases introducing a framework agreement for frequent work.

Cost consultancy

Achieving best value and cost certainty are essential for most clients. We can review costs for forecasting and budgeting purposes as well as look at tenders received or evaluate live project costs. The ability to achieve best value is often achieved through creating a competitive environment therefore, the earlier we are involved, the greater value you can expect.



We have worked with one of the largest serviced office providers across a number of areas of their business. Initially introduced to provide cost consultancy, our ability to apply commercial thinking allowed us to quickly demonstrate the value and benefit we could could achieve across the business. With an integrated role we have been able to improve cost efficiency and cost certainty in their construction projects, increase connectivity between departments and identify alternative solutions to their business delivery. We are in the process of applying circular economy principles to their operations and developing a new sustainability policy. It has proved rewarding working with a forward thinking business.

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